I've been sharing a lot lately about the effect of planets changing direction, as we've been witnessing about half of them changing direction in the last couple months.  With every instance, we've seen a dramatic jump in prices that day, either up or down.  The next on deck is Venus, turning retrograde on top of Bitcoin's natal Jupiter on the 21st - followed the next day by the sun crossing Bitcoin's Pluto.  So what does that mean?  Both of these influences combine beneficial planets with potentially harmful aspects.  The outcome could really go either way.  Historically, in the DIJA Venus turning retrograde tends to correlate with market bottoms.  Here are some possible scenarios from the December Forecast...
"December 21Venus turns retrograde half a degree before BTC’s Jupiter.  Venus and Jupiter are both beneficial planets.  Their conjunction is usually positive, however with Venus turning retrograde on BTC’s Jupiter, the combination could go either way.  There could be a price drop at this time.  Alternately, since Venus will be sitting on BTC’s Jupiter for a much longer period than normal, roughly from the middle to the end of December, it could also create an elongated period of growth.  The third possibility is growth leading up to the 21st, followed by a dip, and a gradual return."

December 17th has been one of the major highlighted times to watch in the December Bitcoin Forecast.  This is because two of the major planetary indicators of price swings are in full effect right now; the first is a major business planet changing direction, and the second is two mercury square aspects compounding into an uncommonly harsh T-square.  Combine these forces and we are seeing a big price drop taking place today.  Stay tuned to see what happens around December 21st, when another planet will change direction - this time it will be Venus turning retrograde on top of Bitcoin's Jupiter.  Prediction from the December Report:
"December 17
Uranus turns stationary direct at 8˚35” Aries, in a trine to BTC’s ascendant.  Major outer planets turning retrograde or direct tend to release pent-up energy.  When Jupiter turned retrograde on November 7th, it led to a large spike in buying for several days, until Mercury stationed direct on the 10th, leading to a sell-off.  In the stock market, Uranus stationing direct tends to lead to a drop off in the week before and after.  With Uranus being the archetypal ruler of Bitcoin, and the station being in a positive aspect to Bitcoin’s ascendant, the results could be more positive.  However, Uranus or Venus turning retrograde could release pent-up energy in the form of selling activity.  Expect the unexpected during this timeframe.  These influences in themselves should last for several days to a week in advance, and for about a week afterwards.

Mercury square BTC Uranus.  In relation to Uranus turning direct, can contribute to unexpected technical problems, hacking, and challenges with trading or communications."  

As I predicted earlier, December 10th stood to be a big day for Bitcoin.  And sure enough, Bitcoin was featured on the front page of TIME magazine, CNN.com, and the LA Times today.  CNN also ran a tv news story about the new documentary coming out about Silk Road, with an interview revisiting the question of Bitcoin and its past illicit commerce shadow.  This was something I specifically predicted in the previous post concerning the repeat of the Jupiter square bringing a resurfacing of Silk Road today.
  Three of the transits I mentioned in the December Forecast for the 10th highlighted media coverage and Bitcoin commerce:
"Mercury trine BTC Ascendant.  Possible increased media attention or a flurry of trading. 
Sun trine BTC Midheaven.  A short positive influence highlighting BTC commerce.
Mercury trine transiting Uranus.  A buzz of communications and speculation."
The topics highlighted in the articles were:
Front Page of TIME magazine "A Bitcoin Christmas" - discussed how to use Bitcoins for shopping.
Front Page of CNN.com "Can Bitcoin Replace PayPal" - went into the e-commerce potential of Bitcoin.
Front Page of LA Times "Cashing in on Bitcoin Boom" - discussed Bitcoin commerce and revisited the Silk Road issue, citing how Bitcoin had been cleaned up.

In my prediction from the 4th and post from the 6th, I mentioned that while questions would be arising around whether China would remain bullish on Bitcoin, the long-term outlook for Bitcoin in China was very positive.  Sure enough, we've just seen the 17th ranked website in the world - China's version of Yahoo - add information about bitcoin to their menu bar.  That's a big deal.  I believe that by May of 2014 at the latest, we will see a reversal in any constrictive policies towards Bitcoin by the Chinese government.

Finally, my prediction for the 5th characterized the price drop as short-term, and while many were concerned it was the bursting of the bubble, the price a few days later has now returned to the mid-900's.

Some big influences are coming up this week, centering around December 10th.  While there are several influences in effect, some beneficial and some challenging, one of the big ones to watch for is Jupiter in a repeat square of Bitcoin's Midheaven, this time in retrograde.  Retrogrades often bring a revisitation of prior themes, so it will be interesting to see how this one shows up.  It could also bring resolution to a previous issue.  From the December report...
"Jupiter retrograde square BTC’s Midheaven.  This is a repeat of the transit that occurred when the FBI shut down the Silk Road website.  Jupiter generally symbolizes expansion but can also represent justice and the law.  A hard aspect like a square indicates a clash, such as a legal crackdown on illicit Bitcoin commerce.  With this aspect repeating, this time with Jupiter in retrograde, there could be a similar theme to the Silk Road shutdown resurfacing at this time.  Alternately, there could be a different manifestation of a large entity or energy coming into a square-off with BTC commerce.  With Jupiter involved, the outcome may be for the long-term benefit of Bitcoin.  It could also connect with bringing something hidden out into the open."

We have been in the midst of a number of planets changing direction within a period of two months.  When planets change direction, it has an impact on markets - you can take a look at the Astro-History section for examples of this from November.  Right now, we are experiencing Jupiter passing retrograde back over the point in which the latest rally took off - with the charge led by China.  As predicted, this turning backward of Jupiter's typically expansive energy can deflate previous optimism and gains.  However, Jupiter will move forward again, and when it crosses this same point in late spring, it will most likely resolve any questions about China's interest in Bitcoin.  While some may be pessimistic today about Bitcoin's future in China, they shouldn't be.  There is a very powerful overlay between key points in Bitcoin's chart and the chart of China.  It is quite likely that China will continue to be one of the biggest frontiers in the expansion of Bitcoin.  I go into more detail on this topic in the Full Bitcoin Astrological Report I will be putting out for the new year.  In the meantime, you can check out my prediction for two days ago from the December Forecast.  This was put out before the latest announcements in China...
"December 4 Jupiter (transiting retrograde) trine BTC Uranus.  This aspect is a repeat from late-October, and was a main influence in the rapid price increase at that time.  Because Jupiter is in retrograde this time, it may bring a somewhat more sober approach to growth, or revisitation of influences connected with the start of the latest rally in October.  For instance, there may be questions surfacing at this time around whether China will remain bullish on Bitcoin.  While there could be temporary selling from China in the week before or after this transit, the long-term outlook for Bitcoin appears very positive in China."

This one has been in the forecast, but I must say that it's still exciting to see predictions come true!  Especially when I get to take advantage of the information by being on top of it!  Excerpt from the December Forecast:
"December 5 – Mercury square BTC Venus.  Mercury square aspects often bring a short-term dip in prices or some tension in communications or trading."
This is a great example of why the December Forecast is gold!  The other trick of course, is knowing what comes next...
After a year of tracking Bitcoin astrologically and sharing a lot of accurate predictions with friends and family, I decided it was time to offer this information up to the larger Bitcoin community.  This site is designed as your source for specialized forecast information you won't find anywhere else.  I'll be sharing regular updates, tips, and information on Bitcoin's activity in relation to the larger planetary cycles.  You can check out the BTC Astro History section to get a feel for the way the planets truly drive events in the world of Bitcoin.  So far I've been able to use this information to predict both the April and Fall rallies.  If you'd like to get the down-low on major dates to watch for in December, you can pick up the December Bitcoin Forecast.  

I am also hard at work on a Full Bitcoin Astrological Report for the new year that is packed with vital information on Bitcoin in the context of current global changes; important Bitcoin predictions in relation to countries like the U.S. and China; major time-frames to track for the first quarter of 2014; and great information on how to add astrological cycles to your predictive toolkit.  

I hope you enjoy exploring the site, and if you find the information helpful, your tips are always appreciated!  
    This website is brought to you by a professional astrologer, Bitcoiner, and detective of the underlying cycles governing global events.


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